Report example: An extracurricular activity


As requested, this report has been submitted to evaluate the trip “English tourist for a day”, an extracurricular activity that has become one of the Go English key bonding initiatives. The findings are based on a survey carried out among students who attended said trip.


The consensus is that “El Viajero” hostel was a satisfactory choice of temporary housing. Not only was there a welcoming environment but the bedrooms and toilets were in hygienic conditions and the overall aesthetic was pleasing to the eye. It could not be described as outstanding, but it had redeeming qualities.


The barbecue has been deemed the most memorable meal, as there was shared enjoyment from the food and the games played for the duration of the night. Lunch was highly anticipated and it fulfilled the students’ expectations, AND the restaurant’s employees were delightful. Breakfast at the hostel was adequate but was overshadowed by gratifying conversation.


Many students, albeit not the majority, were forthcoming with diverse opinions about their time in Colonia. Among the diversity, there was accordance on the most entertaining activity, which would be the electric golf carts ride. The activities were well-thought-out, left room for students’ involvement in the decision making and the outcome was positive.


The trip was greatly successful but there might possibly be room for improvement for future outings. It could be of wisdom to travel to a camping site somewhere with warm weather so as to cut costs on accommodation, and the preparation of food from scratch in every meal could be beneficial as well. It has been proven that shared life experiences are said to increase the bond people have with one another, and that may result in the improvement of the learning environment.


In conclusion, “English tourist for a day” was perceived as a wonderful adventure where students had the opportunity to practice their English in a different environment filled with enjoyment.