Essay example: Living in cities: education and jobs are key factors

Living in cities has become the norm in our times. More than ever, people around the world have to spend their days in large forms of urbanizations.

People are pushed to move into cities, although this phenomenon could be seen even clearer if we consider the situation of young people. Furthermore, it is essential to understand if this election is made by election or by elimination.

First of all, it is fundamental to start by saying that nowadays the job demand is concentrated mainly in big cities. Which is why the situation of the global economy needs a larger labour force in sectors of the economy which are located at and depend on activities which take part in cities.

Hence, the majority of young people who grow up in the countryside is forced to move into urbanized zones to find well-paid jobs.

On the other hand, education is another key factor in countries where the education offer is concentrated in a couple of cities.

This situation pushes young people from their homes at an early age to move to the closest big city in order to begin tertiary studies. Moreover, the population raised there must have a long-term perspective of what they want to study and where, making the process of moving alone a real challenge for some youngsters.

In conclusion, a crucial aspect to take into account is that a significant number of young people do not choose to live in cities by election, but rather they end up there by different circumstances of modernity. However, the chance to get a quality job or a job related to the education of the person is one of the most decisive factors which makes young people move or stay in big cities.