It is usually said that living abroad is the most effective way to learn a foreign language, and it may be true. From my experience, MrG’s lessons are almost like being in England. He has taught me much more than I had ever expected to know, and his own, unique way to teach is really worthwhile. I will always cherish the time I spent at Go English!

Gui Re

Believe me when I say the “GoEnglish experience” is not similar at all to anything you’ve ever seen before. Not only will you learn the language itself, but also rare facts about expressions or words, which will make the class much more interesting. Also, you learn English for everyday conversations, instead of useless phrases some books show. I personally was looking forward to every single class, where motivation and joy were never absent. Mr G rocks!

Lucía V

Studying with Mr. G was definitely my best English learning experience. Not only did I learn many things but also I had loads of fun, and so much great advice for life. I definitely recommend it, and would love to come back someday!

María Inés L

When I was back in high school I had both Mr G and Lina as my profs and I am not exaggerating when I say they were two of the best profs I’ve ever had! So much was it, that a couple of years later I went back to Mr G to prepare for my CPE exam and loved the experience again! What I am trying to say is that both Lina and Mr G have that quality of teaching that makes you feel you’re in for so much more than just lessons, it is more like the experience of learning with them that makes it awesome.


I really liked studying at Goenglish. I’ve learnt a lot, passed my exam and also had fun. 🙂


It was a fantastic experience. We talked, discussed, learned, and had lots of fun, all in one place. It certainly changed my whole perspective towards learning a language. Big hug G, and thnx 4 everything!


It wasn’t until I met Mr.G that I understood English wasn’t all about the language, but about the culture behind it. His classes are about nourishing your soul with interesting, useful topics. His approach to learning made me achieve unthinkable goals.


Studying at Go English was such an experience…
Not only did I learn an unimaginable list of things (from grammatical expressions to the scientific explanation of donating) but also spent a great time there. Mr.G. knows how to do it. We laughed, we had fun, we read and watched movies, we ate, we had long talks of random topics about life… and in every single moment we discovered something new about English. Studying at GOEnglish was definitely worth it.


Just when you think learning a foreign language could’t be any more boring, Mr.G appears with his creative and effective techniques of teaching English to show that learning can actually be fun and interesting!! I’ve been his student for years and I do not regret any second of it.
It is important to stay focused all the time, however, if you need someone to guide you and support you throughout the process this teacher will be there for you.
As he once said to me: “You can take a horse to the river, but you can not make it drink”